The Drought Hath Ended — Mock Draft 1.0

I’m baaaaack!

It’s been an age since I’ve written an article for the Reague and I figure that it’s time to quench the thirst of the masses with some thick, sticky article knowledge. A lot has changed since my last article which was 3/4 written in Week 8 of the season before being promptly aborted like Rick’s entire roster ought to be.

So, in the spirit of the off-season being in full swing I thought I’d bring a mock draft article previewing our draft scheduled for July 25th. It is allegedly taking place in Mendota Heights or some shit. I’m still offering my residence with arms with open. A league road trip would do wonders for building chemistry!

I’d give a caution that this article isn’t meant to replace your own research, but fuck it. If you want to lean on this and MFL’s ADP as your main sources of info, please do. I’m more than happy to reap the benefits of your shitty decision making.

1.01 — Al Davis: Crypt Keeper

1.02 — Al Davis: Crypt Keeper (from Big Ginga)

1.03 — Release the Kringen (from Fantasy Unabiding, by way of Al Davis)

1.04 — Fantasy Costco (from It Ertz When Eifert)

1.05 — Anarchy PD (from Nuclear Fallout)

1.06 — Big Ginga (from Fantasy Costco, by way of Al Davis)

1.07 — Fighting Whities

1.08 — Al Davis: Crypt Keeper (from The Aborted, by way of Big Ginga)

1.09 — Big Ginga (from Release the Kringen, by way of Al Davis)

1.10 — Al Davis: Crypt Keeper (from Anarchy PD)

1.11 — Al Davis: Crypt Keeper (from Afternoon Delight, by way of Release the Kringen)

1.12 — Fantasy Unabiding (from Norse Code, by way of Al Davis)

2.01 — Norse Code (from Al Davis)

2.02 — Afternoon Delight (from Big Ginga, by way of Release the Kringen)